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Network Partners

The collaboration with competent network partners creates synergies by enabling and encouraging differences and new ways of thinking and behaving.
team-factory, Daniela Dollinger, Diplom-Betriebswirten (BA), Diplom Coach SCA

Accompanying change and unfolding potential for organisations, teams and individuals

unseldconsulting AG, Alexander Unseld, Fachpsychologe SBAP

Management diagnostics, assessment design, talent management and identification of potentials, career management, outplacement and development processes

"One cannot tie a knot with just one hand." (Mongolian wisdom)
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REXER, Florian Rexer, Professional Actor

Communications Coach (Co-Founder of Kommunikationsinstitut St. Gallen, Switzerland,, Specialist for Stage Fright Management and dealing with Exam Anxiety

"When spiders weave together, they can tie up a lion." (Ethiopian wisdom)
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