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ART Methodical Approach

Act on previous experiences - Reflect on these experiences and acquire new knowledge - Transfer this into the everyday work environment
Assignment Definition

We use a systematic and process-driven approach. Following a situation analysis, we will work together to define the goals. After an implementation period, an evaluation will be carried out. Depending on the assignment, we may also collaborate with other specialists.

Course of Action

Exchange of experiences, short theoretical inputs, work on specific practical cases, support during transfer process, guidelines, checklists, written documentation, literature references for further reading, etc.

Your Benefits

Individuals: development of personal potential and health
Teams: high-quality work and mindful relationship maintenance
Organisations: value creation through appreciation

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WE2 - Tool for Adult Growth and Development

A self-management model depicting an adult’s development both in a horizontal and vertical direction

WE2 derives from a self-management model depicting an adult’s development in different stages. Each stage is characterised by specific options for action, which are further developed from one stage to the next.

The WE2 Online Tool derives from the WUSCT (Washington University Sentence Completion Test) by Jane Loevinger. This sentence completion test measures the structural maturity level of a person and maps it in a model with stages which integrates development in a horizontal and a vertical direction. The WUSCT has been further developed over the years and a large amount of data has been and is still being collected and evaluated today.

5 stages

The WE2 Online Tool aims to facilitate personal growth and development by making the experiences from the WUSCT accessible to everybody.

WE2 maps 5 stages of adult development. The test subject will be presented with different sentence beginnings, or stems. Each stem has a choice of five endings. The test subject is then asked to select the option which best fits their current world view in order to determine their current stage of development. It is crucial that the test subject be honest in their responses in order to ensure an accurate and meaningful result from the WE2 test.


After completing and submitting WE2, the test subject will receive a brief information note and an explanation about their possible current stage of development. If this awakens the test subject’s interest, the next step will be to discuss their development options and the framework conditions with us, without any obligation.

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